Amazon Kindle Fire Factory Cable Fastboot mode Unroot Unbrick Rooted

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Amazon Kindle Fire Factory Cable Fastboot mode Unroot Unbrick Rooted

Compatible with: Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Kindle Fire HD

What is Factory Cable?

The factory cable, as explained by the Team Black Hat

"Unlike a normal USB cable these cables are wired in a way that compatible Motorola phones recognize as a "factory" programming cable. This allows the phone to power up and be flashed without having a battery in the phone. Depending upon the model of the phone, it may also boot up differently than it does with a normal USB cable."

In short, think of a “factory cable” in, well, a factory. When your device is being made, the manufacturer plugs in a cable and loads the OS for the first time. They use a special cable which makes the device download a boot-loader with very little fuss. A factory cable allows you to do the exact same thing – it enables someone to load a new boot-loader extremely easily. This can, in turn, be used to load new ROMS (operating systems.) The directions for building this cable are based on the XDA forums. Credit with coming up for the idea goes to the people behind that post.

This factory cable are wired in a way that compatible Motorola Xoom /Phones & Amazon Kindle fire. It will bring your device into Fastboot mode and help you restore your ROM and unbricked your devices. This cable is not for charging purpose.

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Cable Specification:
  • It has micro USB male and USB male connector
  • Resistor is built inside for protecting the circuits
For kindle fire, Please read this instruction  before using this cable:
1) Boot up your computer to Windows
2) Turn  off the Kindle Fire
3) Plug cable into Kindle Fire
4) Plug into USB Port of the computer
5) The Kindle Fire unit if not on already will have  turned on again.
6) Press and Hold the Power button for 20 seconds  (past the do you want to turn off prompt). 
    The device will go  dark.
7) Press the power  button once and let go.
8) The device will turn on and it will stop at the  Kindle Fire Triangle ( This is in the
     Fastboot Mode)
9) If you check your devices, it should say under Android Phone Android  ADB Interface
10) Using  Kindle Fire Utility and TWRP Recovery to restore your rom

For those buyers who do not even know how to use this cable, please refer to XDA forum 
for more  information.


1) Don't leave the cable connected to the phone while unattended. Although 
the cable should not be recognized by the phone for charging purposes, 
it is supplying operating power to the phone via its USB port (which is 
not normally the case). If you are using the cable with no battery in 
the phone, and if your host computer lost power or shut down, your phone 
would instantly lose power just like a battery pull had happened. 

2) Connect the Micro-B end to the phone first, and then connect the USB 
A end to the computer. The Micro-B connector is very tiny and we want to 
make sure it is in the phone straight and seated before you apply power 
to it by connecting it to the computer. Connecting the Micro-B end first 
protects your phone and your computer. 

3) When working on the phone with the cable connected and no battery 
inside, best to go ahead and put the back cover back on so you don't lay 
it down on something that touches some contacts in the battery 
compartment. If you're working on a proper (uncluttered) workbench and 
you're the careful type, this may not be necessary, but better safe than 

4) Don't plug this cable into any device not designed for it. If plugged 
into a device not expecting this map you could destroy the device, your 
computer, or both.
Package Includes
  • 1x Amazon Kindle Fire Factory Cable Fastboot mode Unroot Unbrick Rooted